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A Poem Of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness In Three Acts"

Act 1 - Man Speaks

Father in heaven, great God from above, I am angry about your love. I know you love me with all your heart, so why can't you forgive me right from the start?

I say the Lord 's Prayer to you each day, so why can't you forgive me just any old way? Your word on the subject is clear to see, IF I DON'T FORGIVE THEM YOU WON'T FORGIVE ME!

This makes little sense great God from above, when you talk so much about unconditional love. Sure sounds like forgiveness is a condition to me, IF I DON'T FORGIVE THEM YOU WON'T FORGIVE ME!

I'm sure you know my heart is not right, it's filled with anger and bitterness tonight. Please help me restore my love for thee. WHY MUST I FORGIVE THEM SO YOU WILL FORGIVE ME?

Act 2 - God Speaks

My son, I know you are angry at me, I know you don't want to forgive them you see. Man's human nature is selfish you'll find. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

Your spiritual nature comes from above. Your spiritual nature helps you to love. Your bitterness stays inside you, you see, it takes away your love for me.

When you forgive others, your anger will flee, your love returns, you have been set free. Bitterness binds you to the earth. Love frees you for the second birth.

If you don't forgive, you have lost your first love, If you do forgive, you know God from above. Remember what you do for them, you do for me. That's why I live inside of thee.

If you do my will you must forgive . You set yourself free so we may live. What you do for one, you do for all, you are truly following the Master's call.

You can only serve one Master's call. Forgiving yourself is hardest of all. So let's forgive and forget as well, so love inside your heart will dwell.

As you forgive and do your part, forgiveness helps you make a fresh start. Now ask the LORD to bless the heart, of the one you forgave for another fresh start.

Act 3 - Man Speaks Again

God's great love is here to stay, so practice forgiveness every day. If case you need some words to say, here are a few for you today.

God forgive them, they don't know what they do. God forgive them, they don't have a clue. God help me to forgive them, you know why, down deep in my heart, I want them to cry.

God forgive me for this I know, if I did something to cause the blow. God forgive me for being mad and letting them take away my glad.

God help me to forgive myself today, remove the bitterness in every way. This is my debt to you I pray, THIS TRULY IS FORGIVENESS DAY!

(This poem can be read during a Power Of Forgiveness Moment to help God's people celebrate National Forgiveness Day on the last Saturday of October each year. Enjoy for additional information about the event.)


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