Absolute Truth

God said:

“Let us create man in our image.”.
Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.
In the beginning was THE WORD, and THE WORD was with God, and THE WORD was God.
In the beginning was LOVE, and LOVE was with God, and LOVE was God.
And LOVE was made Jesus and walked among us.

Jesus Said

Seek first the Kingdom of God and God’s righteousness and
all you need will be added.
The Kingdom of God is in heaven, on earth, at hand, and
within you.
In order to see the Kingdom of God, you MUST be born again.
Do the will of God my father, you will enter the Kingdom of God that is within you.
He who hears my words and believes in the one who sent me, shall have everlasting life.
Here is eternal life. Know the One True God and know
Jesus Christ whom the One True God sent.
When you know what I do and you do it, you will be my
Whatsoever you do to one of the least of these, you also do it
unto me.
My words are the way, the truth, and the life.
No one can come to know the Son unless my Father draws
This is my command. Love one another as I have loved you.
No greater love than this. Lay down your life for your friends

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Walking With Jesus Newsletter

Vol. 3 - Issue 7 - Feb. 22 - The Tour Goes On


Dear Friends,

Have you memorized the COUL promise? We promise to love, care, listen, encourage, and forgive; We promise to tell the truth, be happy, be healthy, be HUMBLE, and give. We promise to ask good questions, give good answers, and pray; We promise to control our words, admit our shortcomings, and be like Jesus each day.

Let’s walk with Jesus as he continues his First Public Preaching Tour in Feb. and March of A.D. 28.

Love to all,

Bob Moyers



FEB 18 - MARCH 17, A.D. 28 --- At Ramah, Jesus had the memorable discussion with the aged Greek philosopher who taught that science and philosophy were SUFFICIENT to satisfy the needs of human experience. Jesus listened with patience and sympathy to this Greek teacher, allowing the TRUTH of many things he said but pointing out that , when he was through, he had failed in his discussion of human existence to explain “whence, why, and whither,” and added: “Where you leave off, WE BEGIN. Religion is a revelation of man’s soul dealing with spiritual realities which the mind alone could NEVER discover or fully fathom.

“Intellectual strivings may reveal the FACTS OF LIFE, but the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM unfolds the TRUTHS of being. You have discussed the material shadows of truth, will you now LISTEN while I tell you about the ETERNAL and SPIRITUAL realities?”, Jesus asked.

The old philosopher listened for an hour. Being honest of heart, he quickly believed the gospel of salvation.

The apostles were a bit disconcerted by the open manner of Jesus’ assent to many of the Greek’s propositions, but Jesus afterward privately said to them: “My children, marvel not that I was tolerant of the Greek’s philosophy. True and genuine inward certainly does not in the least FEAR outward analysis, nor does TRUTH RESENT HONEST CRITICISM. You should never forget that intolerance is the mask covering up the entertainment of secret doubts as to the trueness of one’s belief. No man is at any time disturbed by his neighbor’s attitude when he has PERFECT CONFIDENCE in the truth which he wholeheartedly believes. COURAGE is the confidence of thoroughgoing honesty about those things which one professes to believe. Sincere men are unafraid of the critical examination of their true convictions and noble ideals.”

On the second evening at Ramah, Thomas asked Jesus this question: “Master, how can a NEW believer in your teaching really KNOW, really be CERTAIN, about the truth of this gospel of the kingdom?”

And Jesus answered to Thomas: “Your assurance that you have entered into the kingdom FAMILY OF THE FATHER, and that you will eternally survive with the CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM, is wholly a matter of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE---faith in the word of truth. Spiritual assurance is the equivalent of your PERSONAL RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE in the eternal realities of divine truth and is otherwise equal to your intelligent understanding of truth realities plus your spiritual faith and MINUS YOUR HONEST DOUBTS.

“The Son is naturally endowed with the life of the Father. Having been endowed with the living spirit of the Father, you are THEREFORE SONS OF GOD. You survive your life in the MATERIAL WORLD of the flesh because you are identified with THE FATHER’S LIVING SPIRIT, THE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE. Many, indeed, had this life before I came forth from the Father, and many more have received this spirit because they believed my WORD; but I declare that, WHEN I RETURN to the Father, HE WILL SEND THE SPIRIT INTO THE HEARTS OF ALL MEN.

“While you cannot observe the divine spirit at work in your minds, there is a PRACTICAL METHOD of discovering the degree to which you HAVE YIELDED the control of your soul powers to the teaching and guidance of THIS INDWELLING SPIRIT of the heavenly Father, AND THAT IS THE DEGREE OF YOUR LOVE for your fellow men.

“The spirit of the Father partakes of the love of the Father, and as it dominates man, if unfailingly leads in the direction of divine worship and loving regard for one’s fellows. At first you believed that you are sons of God because my teaching has made you more conscious of the inner leadings of our Father’s indwelling presence; but presently THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH shall be poured out upon all flesh, and it will live among men and teach all men, even as I now live among you and speak to you the words of truth.

“And this Spirit of Truth, speaking for the spiritual endowments of your souls, will help you to know that you are the sons of God. It will unfailingly bear witness with the Father’s indwelling presence, your spirit, then dwelling in all men as it now dwells in some, telling you that you are in reality the sons of God.

“Every earth child who follows the leading of this spirit shall eventually KNOW THE WILL OF GOD, and he who surrenders to the will of my Father shall abide forever. The way from the earth life to the eternal estate has not been made plain to you, but there is a way, there always has been, and I have come to make that way NEW AND LIVING. He who enters the kingdom has eternal life already--HE SHALL NEVER PERISH. But much of this you will better understand when I shall have returned to the Father and you will be able to view your present experiences in retrospect.”


The apostles continued to preach and baptize believers, while they kept up the practice of visiting FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE, comforting the downcast and ministering to the sick and afflicted. The apostolic organization was expanded in that each of Jesus’ apostles now had one of John’s as an associate; Abner was the associate of Andrew; and this plan prevailed until they went down to Jerusalem for the next Passover.

The tour next went to Zebulum. The people were of a mixed race, hardly Jew or gentile, and few of them believed in Jesus even though they had heard of the healing of the sick at Capernaum.

Stayed tuned next week for Iron, Gischala, and Chorazin.


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