Absolute Truth

God said:

“Let us create man in our image.”.
Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.
In the beginning was THE WORD, and THE WORD was with God, and THE WORD was God.
In the beginning was LOVE, and LOVE was with God, and LOVE was God.
And LOVE was made Jesus and walked among us.

Jesus Said

Seek first the Kingdom of God and God’s righteousness and
all you need will be added.
The Kingdom of God is in heaven, on earth, at hand, and
within you.
In order to see the Kingdom of God, you MUST be born again.
Do the will of God my father, you will enter the Kingdom of God that is within you.
He who hears my words and believes in the one who sent me, shall have everlasting life.
Here is eternal life. Know the One True God and know
Jesus Christ whom the One True God sent.
When you know what I do and you do it, you will be my
Whatsoever you do to one of the least of these, you also do it
unto me.
My words are the way, the truth, and the life.
No one can come to know the Son unless my Father draws
This is my command. Love one another as I have loved you.
No greater love than this. Lay down your life for your friends

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Power Of Peaceful Thinking How To Know Jesus Christ As Savior, Lord, Master, Friend and King

Chapter Twenty-Two


Dear Friends,

     I wish to express my heart-felt gratitude for your willingness to seek information, knowledge, wisdom and understanding about the Power of Peaceful Thinking and the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, Master, Friend and King.

     I hope you have enjoyed the reading of the previous 21 chapters as we shared the life-changing experiences of the messenger, the life-altering messages of the Word of God as spoken by Jesus, and the life-enhancing methods shared through the Joy of Living plan.

     Now comes your challenge. What will you do with the Joy of Living strategies presented in the previous seven chapters? Will you be inactive, re-active or pro-active?

Each of you brings a wonderful will, a beautiful mind and a motivated heart to the decision-making stage of your thoughts and actions regarding this powerful message of faith, hope and love. How will you react and respond to the strategies, plans and programs presented?

     Before you decide your next course of action, I would like to take the time to condense the words of the messenger, the message, and the methods into a shorter version. The one-page version of the Joy of Living plan is presented with the hope that you will make a commitment with your will to memorize the data with your mind and put it into action with your heart.

     Here is a condensed version of the Joy of Living that will produce unconditional love, reduce anger and conflict, eliminate negativity and negative stress, improve interpersonal communications and build joy in your life and in your home and family environments.

     Decide to start each day with joy. Declare the day a joy-filled day when you wake up. Tell the whole truth with love. Ask questions. Listen with understanding.

     When you experience negative thoughts, feelings and emotions during the day, do not give them permission to take away your happiness, gladness and joy. When you get angry or upset, go to the person and tell them you are angry or upset. Do not tell them why. When they ask why, you can tell them. If they don't ask why, thank them and leave in silence.

     When you experience negativity during the day, consider that the negative thought or emotion could be a sign from God that there is conflict-taking place inside you between your selfish nature and your love nature. Thank God for suggesting there is a lesson you need to know and ask God to teach you what he wants to teach you.

     If you give permission for your happiness and joy to be taken away during the day, you can restore your joy by practicing forgiveness. You must forgive God, yourself, and the other person. You need to ask God to forgive you. Never let the sun set on your anger or disappointment. When we do not forgive, our joy and communication line with God is temporarily disconnected.

     Know that negative stress is caused by our desire of having to be right and having to have the last word. Negative stress is also created when we find fault, criticize, and unfairly judge others. Negative stress is also created when we try to control and manipulate other people. Negative stress is also created when we try to be more selfish than loving.

     If you want to stop creating negative stress in the lives of others, you can follow these steps to stress elimination. Decide you want to stop doing things that create stress in your life and in the lives of others. Admit to yourself with humility that you can't stop by yourself. Ask God to take away your desire to do the things that create stress. Go and do a random act of kindness when you feel the desire to do the old habit that you are trying to break.

     Do the will of God your Father and seek to know Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, Master, Friend, and King. (The one-page version of this plan can be found in Appendix I).

     As a service to you who still need even a shorter version to make a commitment of your will to memorize the plan with your mind and put it into action with your heart, here is the bottom-line version:

     You have the power to start the day with happiness, gladness and joy.

     You have the power to tell the truth and control the words that come from your mouth.

     You have the power to forgive God, yourself, and others and you have the power to ask God and others for forgive you.

     You have the power to be humble and to ask God to help you stop creating stress and doing things that can be harmful to you and the Holy Spirit that lives within you.

     You have the power to make a commitment to God to enter the Kingdom of God by doing the will of God the Father on a daily basis.

     You have the power to love God, yourself and others no matter what.

     You have the power but do you have the desire to do the will of God?

     As an inspirational speaker, I have found that there are many beautiful minds in each audience that appears to want to listen to me.

     As you know each person has a mind of their own. Which mindset are you?

     Are you close-minded? Have you developed a belief system that you enjoy and with which you are comfortable? Do you “tune out” any new ideas that might cause you to change your beliefs? Do you tend to defend your ideas instead of being open to new ideas? Do you resist change?

     Are you narrow-minded? Have you designed a belief system that you value and are happy with? Do you tend to listen to new ideas but only consider those that may slightly alter your belief system? Do you “tune out” all new ideas when one “radical” idea is presented? Do you need to agree to almost all of the other person's ideas to get you to consider changing your belief system?

     Are you feeble-minded? This is a complement to the individuals who just seem to have too many things on their minds. These individuals are often called “scatter-brained” because they just are not able to focus on one idea for a given length of time to consider the merits of the idea. These people tend to let every idea go in one ear and go right out the other ear without much information being processed. These people are wonderful people and God loves them dearly. They make great servants like Martha. God just wishes they would take a few moments to listen attentively and be like Mary.

     Are you broad-minded? Do you tend to think a great deal about sexuality? Are many of your thoughts centered about the sexual side of things? Do you tend to enjoy the appearance of people more than the inner qualities of people? Again there is nothing harmful in itself with this group of people. It just takes longer to get their attention, as they seem to have a one-track mind.

     Are you double-minded? Double-minded people seem to be unstable in their ways. One day they are spiritual and in tune with doing God's will. The next day finds them seeking their own self interests and doing what they want to do in a selfish way. This person just tends to serve two masters. They love them both and they can't make up their mind to love one and not the other.

     Are you open-minded? Do you tend to have an open mind about new ideas? Do you tend to listen and give people the benefit of the doubt when they share new ideas? Are you open to change? Are you willing to change almost on a daily basis if you think the idea has merit? Open-minded people tead to change for change's sake. They jump on the bandwagon faster that the other beautiful minds. They leap before looking at the possible consequences. These people often find the Kingdom of God before others but they may also follow a blind man as he leads them both into a ditch.

      Are you heavenly-minded? These people have made a commitment to do the will of God each day. These people have been born again. These people want to grow in knowing Jesus in the deepest and most personal way. These people are the sons and daughters of God. These people know who they are and what God wants them to do. Many of these people have been called, but only a few of these people have been chosen.

Which one of the beautiful minds do you believe you are at this point of time in your life? Would you be willing to trust God and make a change in your will, your mind and your heart?

The beautiful part about beautiful minds is that each of us has free will or free choice. Will power controls the mind. The mind controls the emotions. Therefore all of the beautiful minds have the ability to do the will of God and to enter the Kingdom of God.

The closed-minded person can decide to give up his or her ego and to humbly decide to do God's will each day.

The narrow-minded person can also decide to give up his or her ego and to humbly decide to do God's will each day.

The feeble-minded, the broad-minded, the double-minded, the open-minded, and the heavenly-minded people can also decide to give up their egos and humbly decide to do God's will each day.

This is why you do indeed have a beautiful mind.

I hope you take this message of unconditional love and put it into practice in your life. I hope you take this message of unconditional love and share it with others.

What will your course of action be?

Some of you will decide that this plan will not work because there are some “radical” ideas shared for perhaps the first time in your life. I hope that you will give me an opportunity to answer any questions that you may have about the ideas presented here. I hope you will email me at bobmoy@wcnet.org.

Some of you will decide that this plan may work but you are too busy to put it into practice for your life. Many of you will wait until you hear someone else talking about the success of the plan in his or her life before you will read it again. I also hope you will contact us with feedback, suggestions, and questions.

Some of you will decide that this plan will work and you will memorize the key ideas and put it into practice for your life. Please let us know how it changed your life.

Some of you will decide to believe in the plan, adopt the plan, practice the plan, and support the Center Of Unconditional Love with a donation to help distribute copies of the plan to people throughout the world. Others will decide to make copies of the plan and give them out as a free gift to people they know. Others will join COUL and ask for advice and help. Others will join COUL and ask for advice, help and additional income for themselves and their families.

Others will put down the plan and try to destroy it and the desire to produce unconditional love, eliminate negative stress, improve communications and build joy in the world.

I hope that you have been blessed from reading this book. In conclusion I would like to share a common mission that God wants all of his people to have in common. As you know by now, one of our missions is to produce unconditional love. GOD IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. However our other mission may not be as obvious.

I will close our focus on mission with the following story:

In 1996, I had the joy of attending the Olympic games in Atlanta. I was one of 80,000 people in the Olympic Stadium during the running of a new event being run for the first time in the Olympics.

The race was the 5,000 meters for women. It was a qualifying heat. One of the runners was only a 14-year-old girl from a nation about which I knew nothing.

The race started. The runners circled the track again and again and again. With two laps remaining, the crowd started to encourage the runners and the 14-year-old girl.

With one lap remaining, 80,000 people rose to their feel and encouraged the girl and she ran around the track and finished the race.

You may have already guessed. She finished last. But she finished.

Can you imagine how she felt? Can you imagine her disappointment of finishing last? Can you imagine her joy from receiving the encouragement of the people? Can you imagine the Olympic Spirit in action?

The ultimate mission of God's people is we are called to be encouragers. When we encourage others, we receive happiness, gladness and joy in abundance. We receive God's unconditional love as a blessing for our desire to encourage others. We are called to be encouragers. I am called to be an encourager. You are called to be an encourager.

The story was not finished.

The results were posted. There was her last-place finish. There was her time.

However next to her time, there were letters.

The letters were “NR”.

The “NR” stood for National Record. She had run the fastest time ever by a woman in her country! She had broken her own national record. She had run her personal best time!

We are called to be encouragers.

I close this letter with a word of encouragement. Welcome to the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is spiritual and is within you. When you do the will of God our Father, you will enter the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven.

The Kingdom of God will receive additional power in 1,335 days from November 1, 2004. The foundation of the Kingdom Age Church will arrive at the same time. The scroll that the Prophet Daniel was told to keep sealed will be revealed during this time. The Kingdom of God will be within the heart of the sons and daughters who have entered the Kingdom of God. The prophecies not yet filled from the books of Daniel and Revelation will be fulfilled. The prophetic words about our own personal spiritual journeys within the Kingdom of God will be revealed. A world built upon unconditional love will be established. GOD WAS, IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Have a joy-filled life.

Robert Moyers