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The Center of Unconditional Love

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Welcome to the Center Of Unconditional Love

We welcome you to the Center Of Unconditional Love. We are here to energize you, empower you, and encourage you to be the best you can be as you experience the power of love, the joy of forgiveness, and the peace of a humble heart.

Please CLICK HERE to experience our "Be Healthy - Be Wellthy - Be Wise" health care plan which will strengthen the immune system, balance the emotions, balance the mental-emotional-physical-spiritual energies inside us, help to prevent sickness-illness-disease, reduce and eliminate negative stress and create an awareness and understanding of the power of love, joy of forgiveness, and the peace of a humble heart. The "plan" is also available on an audio CD and by in-person programs-workshops.

Please CLICK HERE to see and hear what God wants to show and tell you by inviting President Bob Moyers or one of our associates to present a program, workshop, or seminar focused on being great communicators, being great leaders, living a healthy, happy, stress-free life, and understanding the pursuit of happiness.

Please CLICK HERE to purchase our special "POWER PACK" of our 2 books, 3 CD, and poster for only $25 (including shipping). The cost of all items would normally be $70.

Please CLICK HERE if you need a job and would like to work for COUL and sign up as a special friend to receive several free gifts and benefits.

Please CLICK HERE to see and hear a special message from God which will reveal why Jesus did not write anything down and what his words of wisdom were as he walked among us.

Please CLICK HERE is enjoy information about our 2012 7th National Forgiveness Day scheduled for the last Saturday of October.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about COUL.

Please CLICK HERE to make an annual donation to help sustain our mission of distributing our "Be Healthy" message to as many people as possible. Love to all.


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