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“Be Healthy - Be Wellthy - Be Wise”
Health Care Plan

We believe the following health and wellness objectives will be achieved when the individual puts the plan into action with or without hearing a speaking program, workshop, seminar, or entertaining presentation.

  1. Reduce, manage and eliminate negative stress.
  2. Resolve conflicts better than existing programs.
  3. Repair, restore, and rebuild damaged relationships.
  4. Improve interpersonal communication skills.
  5. Strengthen the immune system.
  6. Balance mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies within the individual.
  7. Help prevent the occurrence of sickness, illness, and disease, including cancer.
  8. Create an awareness and understanding of the power of unconditional love and the joy of forgiveness in providing good health and happiness in the life of the individual and in the home, work, and worship environments.

This entertaining, pro-active, and preventive program needs to be heard by leaders, managers, employees, teachers, clients, students, and their families.

The presentation is excellent for keynote addresses, workshops, and afterdinner programs at banquets and other social events for companies, organizations, churches and health-care facilities.

For information and scheduling opportunities, please contact Robert “Mr. Happy” Moyers - President of COUL and PPP. He can be reached at 419-533-4191,, and


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