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The Center Of Unconditional Love is a faith-based non-profit corporation organized under the statutes for it under the Ohio Code. We accept donations from individuals and other entities just as a church or other church-empowered organizations are able to do. The Positive People Partners (PPP) is a sole proprietorship for profit organization. Bob Moyers is president and founder of both organizations.

PURPOSE - To help others learn to live to love one another unconditionally.

OBJECTIVE - To reduce, eliminate, stop and destroy negative stress in the lives of individuals and in our home, work and worship environments.


  1. To distribute copies of our “Be healthy - Be Wellthy - Be wise” plan to as many people as possible.
  2. To present our power of unconditional love programs to as many audiences as possible.
  3. To entertain, exercise, energize, educate, empower and encourage as many people as possible to understand how to love, accept and forgive unconditionally.
  4. To promote, sponsor, support, observe and celebrate National Forgiveness Day on the last Saturday of October each year.

ORGANIZATION - The COUL Corporation was established in 2006 and organized with three trustees. Founder Robert Moyers was named president. Additional trustees and a board of directors will be added as needed.


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