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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Mr. Happy's CD

  1. You will understand how to reduce, eliminate, and destroy negative stress and how to live the stress-free life!
  2. You will resolve conflicts with joy better than you ever have in your life!
  3. You will enjoy “S.A.L.T.Y” communications while understanding the process of effective communications.
  4. You will find balance and harmony in your life by hearing and doing the happy, happy exercises.
  5. You will laugh, love, and enjoy the 21 happy words we need to say every day to find true joy and peace in our life.
  6. You will experience the fun-filled highlights of Mr. Happy's programs, workshops, and seminars.
  7. Your “drive time” to and from work will be filled with joy as you listen and learn the “Power Of Unconditional Love.”
  8. You will want to order more copies as gifts for your friends.
  9. You will make Mr. Happy happy.
  10. You will join a chorus of voices making a difference as we create an awareness and understanding of the power of unconditional love in the lives of individuals and our home, work, worship, academic, government, health and athletic environments.

Listen to a few selections from the new CD:

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Click Here to Purchase Mr. Happy's CD

CD - The Best of Mr. Happy, Volume 1
CD - The Best of Mr. Happy, Volume 1

Click Here to Purchase Mr. Happy's CD


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