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Benefits of Being a Friend of COUL

1. Opportunity to enjoy the power of unconditional love in your life while reducing negative stress, resolving conflicts, restoring healthy relationships, and improving your communication skills.

2. Opportunity to experience the joy of living a healthy, happy life by building a strong immune system, balancing your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy, and preventing the occurrence of sickness, illness, and disease in your life.

3. Opportunity to receive special announcements and a special letter of blessing during the celebration of National Forgiveness Day on the last Saturday in October.

4. Opportunity to receive spiritual advice about love, stress, relationships, conflicts, communications and living a healthy and happy life.

5. Opportunity to make requests for help in time of need.

6. Opportunity to receive extra income by asking people to visit our web site and invite us to present one or more of our speaking programs and workshops to companies, schools, health-care centers, seniors, youth, churches, athletic teams, organizations, government centers, and non-profit agencies.

7. Opportunity to volunteer to help us distribute more than 5 million copies of the "Be Healthy - Be Wellthy - Be Wise" plan in celebration of National Forgiveness Day in October.


If you'd like an opportunity to make an annual donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more to help the Center Of Unconditional Love create an awareness and understanding of the power of unconditional love within the individual and in the home, work, worship, classroom, health care, and playing field environments, click here.

To become a friend of COUL please sign up at or by letting us know by email at or by direct mail at COUL, 4-203 County Rd. U4, Liberty Center, Ohio 43532


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