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2011 National Forgiveness Day Highlights

A world-wide radio broadcast, forgiveness proclamations from 14 states, a partnership with a national faith-based religious denomination, and a two-hour "Best Of Mr. Happy" performance by event organizers were included among the highlights of the 6th National Forgiveness Day on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011.

"We know that the power of love, the joy of forgiveness, and the peace of a humble heart message was heard by thousands and perhaps millions of God's people during our 50 Days Of Forgiveness campaign from 9.11.11 through 10.30.11," said Center Of Unconditional Love President/Founder Bob Moyers.

By using the 10th anniversary of 9.11.11 as a launch point asking God's people to forgive others and share a new "Be Healthy - Be Wellthy - Be Wise" message with as many people as possible, organizers proclaimed the 6th annual observance a resounding success.

"We don't know how many people tuned in to listen to THE EVENT 9.11.11 broadcast, which was aired around the world by the WPOS-FM (We Proclaim Our Savior) web site at 7 p.m. on 9.11.11, but we do know that whoever heard the broadcast received seven special messages from God and four prophetic words of wisdom during the 45-minute broadcast," said Mr. Moyers.

"We also were pleased with our efforts to obtain forgiveness proclamations from the governor's offices of our 50 states. In our three years of asking our citizens to join together to observe the joy that comes from forgiveness, we want to say thank you to the states of Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin for helping us," said Mr. Moyers.

Another highlight was the live, two-hour "Best Of Mr. Happy" show which was held in Northwest Ohio at the WPOS Christian Center to kick off Forgiveness Week on Saturday, Oct. 22.

"A good time was had by all. Many were called but only a few were chosen. Those who came were among the chosen because they chose to come to see and hear what God wanted to show and tell them," said the inspirational speaker and storyteller who presented many of his "Mr. Happy" humorous routines for the audience.

This year's NFD event was also special as the 190-plus worship centers of the Church Of God 7th Day denomination were encouraged to participate in Saturday's world-side effort to ask God's people to "Pay It Forward" a message of forgiveness to as many people as possible by emails, e-newsletters, worship bulletins, social networks, and other means of publication.

"Our thanks go out to COG-7 president Whaid Rose and Bible Advocate editor Calvin Burrell for their continued friendship and support of our efforts to be Jesus to everyone we meet and to see Jesus in everyone we meet," said Mr. Moyers, who is the author of the book, "Power Of Peaceful Thinking: How To Know Jesus Christ As Savior, Lord, Master, Friend, and King."

The message of the need for forgive one another even reached an audience of more than a million people when Jim Penner of the Hour Of Power Dr. Robert H. Schuller television ministry shared a powerful message of the miracle of forgiveness on their delayed broadcast the weekend of Nov. 6.

"Hearing those wonderful words about forgiveness and knowing how many people heard those words makes everything we do for God's people worthwhile, We are honored to sow the seeds, water the seeds, and watch God give the increase," said Mr. Moyers who is in his 28th year of doing God's will as a speaker, author, educator, and friend.

"It was a very good year from a growth standpoint," said Mr. Moyers. "We learned a lot. We listened a lot. We are ready for the future. God is good. All the time."

2010 National Forgiveness Day Thank You Report

WOW! Well done good and faithful ones. Our first-ever PAY-FORGIVENESS-FORWARD request was received with joy by our individual volunteers and special organizations who joined together to celebrate our 5th National Forgiveness Day on the last Saturday of October, Oct. 30, 2011.

As far as we can tell, 617,760 copies of our “Be Healthy -Be Wealthy -Be Wise -Power Of Love Joy Of Forgiveness -Wellness Works Plan” were published, printed, distributed, shared, and Pay-Forgiveness-Forward by our volunteers and organizations who encouraged forgiveness and asked their friends to Pay-Forgiveness-Forward to their friends by Facebook, Twitter, & Other Social Networks.

This does not include proclamations received from eight states, publication in the Chase’s Annual Directory Of Events, and several radio shows and interviews.

Did the “Pay-Forgiveness-Forward” plan of action reach our goal of 5 million people. Only God knows.

Will we reach our goal of 50 million people in 2011 and 500 million in 2012? Only God knows.

We are planning THE EVENT for 2011 in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of 9.11.

We plan to ask God’s people to PAY-FORGIVENESS-FORWARD during a 50 Days Of Forgiveness time from 9.11.11 through 10.30.11, which will include our 6th National Forgiveness Day on 10.29.11, and send copies of the "Power Of Love Joy Of Forgiveness" plan to thousands and millions of people.

Here are the names of individuals and organizations which joined together to make our th National Forgiveness Day a great success in 2010.

Thanks again to everyone.

Sincerely, Bob "Mr. Happy" Moyers
Trustees: Terry Smith -Tom Baur -Chuck Thayer -James Golden


  • State Of Delaware
  • State Of Indiana
  • State Of Kentucky
  • State Of Maryland
  • State Of Michigan
  • State Of Pennsylvania
  • State Of West Virginia
  • State Of Wisconsin

1 Matters Tent City500Wellness Plan/Link
Chases’s Calendar Of EventsListing
Toledo Blade100,000Religion Calendar
Defiance Crescent News18,000Front-Page Story/Photo
Napoleon NW Signal4,500Religion Column
Key Shopper NW Ohio24,000Inside News Story
Bible Advocate -COG7D14,0004-Page Feature Story -Internet2,500Feature Story
WTOL -ToledoSat. AM Feature Story
WPOS -Christian NW Ohio2-Hour Morning Show
WBGU -Univ. Station OhioBrief Interview
WRVF -Toledo Easy ListeningBrief Interview
Licensed Practical Nurses Assoc.25Keynote + 2 Workshops
Univ. Toledo Med. Ctr. Pastoral Care10Appreciation Luncheon
Center For Non-Profits CEO Meeting15Comments/Plan/Link
Neapolis Church Of Christ (Ohio)100Comments/Singing
Read The Spirit Weekly Plan100,000Announcement/Link
Church World Direct50,000Announcement/Link
Presidential Prayer Team30,000Story/Prayer/Link
Ctr. Progressive Christianity11,000Story/Link
Faces & Voices Of Recovery20,000Information/Link
GRAND (Grandparents FYI)10,000Information/Link
Forgiveness Healing Int.8,000Wellness Plan/Link
Coach-To-Coach Network1,300Story/Link
Signature Series -John Agno5,600World-Wide Story/Link
Inspiration Report-Beliefnet5,000Guest Blog/Story/Link
Love Foundation -Viewers30,000Web View/Facebook
Ohio Gov. Office FBCI7,000Announcement/Link
Ashland City Schools (Ohio)325Wellness Plan/Link
Springfield/Holland Schools (OH)450Wellness Plan/Link
Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission1,000Story/Link
Franciscan Univ./Steubenville OH400Wellness Plan/Link
Hearts Of Faith Singing News OH150Wellness Plan/Link
OH Assn/Behavorial/Health/2,000Announcement/Link
Michelle Klimesh News4,000Wellness Plan/Link
4-County ADAMS Advantage1,000Wellness Plan/Link
Toledo Area Ministries400Announcement/Link
Napoleon Chamber/Commerce400Announcement/Link
Johan Miller Network5,000Wellness Plan/Link
City Of Columbus Health OH120Wellness Plan/Link
Better Business Bureau -Lima OH15Wellness Plan/Board
City Of Bellefontaine Employees120Wellness Plan/Link
Abri Family Services (Toledo)600Wellness Plan/Link
Am.Assoc.Homes/Services/Aging300Wellness Plan/Link
Brethren Church Peace Groups400Wellness Plan/Link
Brethren Care Village Staff100Wellness Plan/Link
Ohio Dept. Of Aging Employees100Wellness Plan/Link
Kingston Residence Vermilion OH60Wellness Plan/Link
Global Forgiveness Day (Canada)12Board Members/Link
McClure Unit. Meth. Church (OH)75Bulletin Insert/Link
Islamic Center Greater Toledo400Member/Friend Handout
District Church Of The Brethren18Board Members Handout
Bob Moyers -COUL Trustee2,500E-Mail + Handouts
Chuck Thayer -COUL Trustee500E-Mail + Handouts
Terry Smith -COUL Trustee75Handout + Verbal
Tom Baur -COUL Trustee100Handout + Retreat
Jack Karsten -Friend Of COUL800E-Mail
Don Sayers -Friend Of COUL250E-Mail+Facebook
Cathy & Mike Graham -Friends200E-Mail+Handouts
Felicia Ford -Friend Of COUL15Handouts
Angel Crosby -Friend Of COUL300E-Mail+Facebook
Doug Douglas -Friend Of COUL60E-Mail
William Joyner -Friend Of COUL300E-Mail
Sheila Keene Lund -Friend170,000Pay-It-Forward
Tom Schweitzer -Friend Of COUL35Pay-It-Forward
Betty Hartman -Friend Of COUL30Pay-It-Forward
John Glover -Friend Of COUL100Web Site Post

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For additional information click on:
A Poem of Forgiveness
National Forgiveness Day Proclamations
Media Release for 2009 National Forgiveness Day

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
2009 4th Annual Forgiveness Month (October)
Forgiveness Week (Oct. 24-31) &
National Forgiveness Day (Saturday, Oct. 31)
Highlights & Celebrations
Center Of Unconditional Love Liberty Center, Ohio

Words of encouragement from the White House Office Of Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, acceptance into the 2010 Chase's Directory Of Annual Events, proclamations from the governor's offices of the states touching Ohio, and distribution of more than 500,000 copies of the “Power Of Love Joy Of Forgiveness” health and wellness plan were among the highlights of the 4th annual National Forgiveness Day celebrated by the Center Of Unconditional Love (COUL) ( of Liberty Center, Ohio.

“It was a wonderful, wonderful time to forgive others, remove bitterness, and restore joy in the hearts of God's people,” said COUL president and even founder Bob Moyers.

“We could not be happier with the volunteers across the nation who gave time to share, send, give, and publish information about the power of love and the joy of forgiveness,” said Moyers who is the designer of the successful health and wellness initiative being distributed, presented, and implement by small and large businesses, companies, and organizations throughout the United States.

“This was our first year of asking state governors to encourage citizens to celebrate Forgiveness Month, Forgiveness Week, and National Forgiveness Day by asking for forgiveness, forgiving others, and removing bitterness.”

“We started with Ohio and the states touching Ohio. We hope to contact the states east of the Mississippi River in 2010 and the rest of the nation in 2011. Our dream is to give copies of the health and wellness plan to every American by having our President issue an executive order establishing National Forgiveness Day as an annual day of remembrance on the last Saturday of October of each year,” said Moyers.

Traffic to the center's web site also showed a dramatic increase during the month as visitors topped the 7,000 figure and showed a 58% increase over the previous month.

Here is a summary of the highlights and celebrations of love and forgiveness which took place during the day, the week before the day, and the entire month of October.

Volunteers/Participants/FriendsMethod Of Celebration
Bob Moyers - Liberty CenterSent health & wellness plan (HWP) to 2,000-plus e-mail addresses; Passed out plan to 100-plus businesses In Fulton County; Passed out plan to 100-plus to homeless at Toledo Tent City.
GRAND E-Zine PublisherPublished plan as Grand Finale in October issue e-mailed to 250,000.
Jack Palmer - DefiancePublished plan in Defiance Crescent News feature story with 14,000 circulation.
Editor - Defiance Crescent NewsPrinted Letter To The Editor which Included plan and prayer with 14,000 circulation.
Sheila Naveau - NapoleonPublished plan in Napoleon NW Signal feature story with 4,400 circulation.
Editor - Napoleon NW SignalPrinted Letter To The Editor which Included plan and prayer with 4,400 circulation.
Editor - Liberty Center PressPrinted Letter To The Editor which Included plan and prayer with 3,000 circulation.
Calvin Burrell - DenverPublished information in Bible Advocate Magazine with 14,000 circulation.
Editor - Healthy Living NewsPublished plan in feature story in Healthy Living News with 12,000 circulation.
Mike Nix - DefiancePublished ad with link to web site And plan in Boomers Today with 12,000 circulation.
Neal Siegel - IllinoisPublished ad with link to web site In Church World Direct E-newsletter with 60,000 circulation.
Stacy Schad - OhioPublished message with link to web Site in Governor's Office Of Faith-based Community Initiatives E-Newsletter with 7,000 circulation.
Todd Hollett - ColumbusSent to e-mail list of 2,000 County Behavioral Health Authorities
Andrea Migliozzi - ToledoPublished information in Toledo Area Ministries E-Newsletter with 375 circulation.
John Agno - MichiganPublished information and link in E-Newsletter with 1,500 circulation.
Joel Miller - NapoleonDisplayed plan and information in Chamber Of Commerce window during month & placed copies of the Plan for distribution at the annual meeting.
Donna Strong - DaytonPublished plan in Hearts Of Faith E-Newsletter with 125 circulation.
Publisher - CaliforniaPublished plan in Urantia Fellowship Community E-Newsletter with 3,000 circulation.
Church Of Christ - NeapolisPreached 2 sermons on forgiveness And made copies of the plan available to 100-plus members.
WPOS Christian Radio - ToledoRecorded 1-minute spot on event.
WRUF On The River - ToledoMorning Talk Show conversation.
WBGU Radio - Bowling GreenMorning Talk Show interview.
Judith Nickoloff - ToledoE-Newsletter to 242 caregivers.
Individual VolunteersMailed Or Gave Copies to others:
Included Debi Deimling (40), Mike Managhan (36), Terry Smith (18), Mark Miars (10), Odessa Rowen, Earlene Kilpatrick, Liz Buschmann, Diane Labrecque, David Dierks, Christina Shiets (62), David Williams, David Powell (12), Jack Loudon (12), Judi Parker (30), Tom Baur (20), Jim Golden (50), Donna Dean (5), Boyd Shugert (12), Barb Mortemore (9), Albert Davis (12), Linda Foster (13),

Hot Flash - 2009 National Forgiveness Day Release


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